Welcome to Gear International, Inc.

Gear International (OTC:GEAR) is a public company that offers a viable and often creative funding resource and joint venture opportunities for companies seeking unconventional funding, hard asset loans, expansion capital and/or other resources. The objective is to assist companies that are in a unique position to capitalize on a current trend or scale their operational business. By providing timely capital and other resources, the management teams of our companies can accelerate product launches, expand into new territories and often even pioneer an entire new category.

Our team has a history of facilitating meaningful relationships with many private equity firms, VC’s, commercial banks, as well as a number of private investors. We also enjoy a wealth of strategic relationships designed to enable ventures to succeed. The capabilities and deep industry knowledge of our contacts enables us to act swiftly to offer a prudent and viable solution to virtually any funding or strategic opportunity. In addition to alternative financing solutions, we provide comprehensive advisory services, strategic planning and practical insight to our clients and joint venture partners.